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  • Nitesh Singh

    Hi Ion,

    Thanks for posting this feature. This one will be available in 2 weeks time as an automatic upgrade to PRO.

    Hope it helps.


  • lon clark

    Thanks for fast response.That is really good news.

  • 24tee

    Absolutely - I have no idea how we're going to make this work without shipping charges. It needs to calculate shipping and have flat rates + additional costs for international. Without shipping costs, how could this work for anyone? You settle the shipping after the auction? I don't see how this plugin can exist without this. Please add it asap or I will need a refund as it is unusable. Please advise. Thanks.

  • Nitesh Singh

    Nice idea to include flat rates + international. 

    Shipping has been planned & soon available (by next week) as automatic upgrade. 



  • lon clark


    any news on shipping features update?

  • Nitesh Singh

    I'm currently working on this. I know I'm running behind schedule on this but hope to complete it by coming tuesday.

    Kindly bear with me.

  • Nitesh Singh


    Here is what I'm developing as a shipping/postage add-on. All PRO users will get it as a free upgrade to new version.

    I've received valuable feedback from my users to implement it as Ebay does it. I've tried to do it the same way but since Ebay is a standalone site & mine is a plugin, it'll definitely have some edge.

    Implementation flow:

    1. Postal Address of Users while registration. 

    Plugin will insert couple of fields in registration form to collect postal address.

    2. Auction can have free & paid shipping:
    Admin specifies domestic & international rate for each auction (flat rates). NOTE: There is no automatic shipping calculation. I'm only giving provision to enter flat rates.
    He can specify "where to ship" countries in the case of international which is displayed at front end.
    3. Shipping rates (both domestic & international) are shown for each auction for bidders to know. (same way as ebay shows it.)
    4. Invoice sent with shipping cost 
    When final bidder wins an auction, plugin would then retrieve bidder's country & add shipping rate to invoice. If his country is same then domestic shipping + auction is sent in invoice OR if his country is something else then "international shipping + auction" is sent in invoice.
    It is slated to release this week.
  • lon clark


    any news on shipping features? when can we expect ad on



  • Nitesh Singh

    Hi Ion,

    Sorry to keep you waiting. Everything has been done, I've to bundle it for an update & test it out. 

    It should be out by tomorrow.



  • Nitesh Singh

    Quick Update: This was due yesterday but there are few hassles in delivering automatic update for PRO plugin.  I'm working at it & hopefully it'll be resolved soon.

    Kindly bear with me.



  • Nitesh Singh

    Its working now. Shipping feature has now been delivered in 1.0.1 version.

    I'll soon update all instructions for configuration.

  • lon clark


    the auction plugin is working great but the shipping features still needs some changes to be user many circumstances a flat rate shipping option will not be possible.particularly in international shipping situation it will not be possible to give a shipping cost without knowing where you are shipping to. The number of shipping cost requests on a popular item could be overwhelming. i think the real solution is a shipping calculator similar to ebays so the seller can enter shipping methods they use usps, ups etc. and shipping info such as size and weight and dimensions.  then prospective bidder can use the calculator and enter destination country and know shipping cost before bidding.I hope this will be possible .

    thank you


  • Nitesh Singh

    Hi Ion,

    I hope you understand that Ebay is a standalone website which has all kinds of data stored for both auction owner & its users (bidders). My plugin is not a standalone solution. Its a software which works on different websites so its bound to have certain limitations.

    When I was implementing shipping features I was basically targeting 2 things:

    1. Look & Feel as Ebay

    2. Ability for auction owners to specify flat rates. I know flat rates dont work on all conditions but the intent was to mention a max amount which will take care for shipping from anywhere. Shipping calculator needs quite a few things for calculation which is not an easy thing to implement inside plugin.

    I agree real solution is shipping calculator but the style of auctions that plugin lets you do it, it is quite difficult to do that. None the less, I'll take your feedback & try to analyze the feasibility but I do hope you understand the limitations technically.


  • lon clark


    have you come up with a shipping calculator solution?

  • Sales

    Has there been any update on this program, we need to know if shipping is working for our US auctions

  • Angela40

    Ok...we have a dilemma with the shipping feature....  Many of our winning bidders will be local and they'll want to just pickup their merchandise rather than having it shipped.  How can we bill the shipping correctly?  Is it possible to go ahead and calculate shipping and then waive the shipping if they contact us and say they want to pick up the product in person?

  • Asad Zaman

    I am going to start a new auction website i decided to use your

      Ultimate Auction Pro

     plugin i have some question 
    1) buyer and seller will transfer money with each other and seller will ship the product to buyer and we will get the commission from both .
    but the address will be show on sellers profile and is it not possible for buyer and seller that they contact each other without me as by using address of seller .
    I want that address should be visible to buyer only when transaction is completed and we get the commission.
    or is your currently strategy safe if yes how is there no chance that buyer and seller will not get direct ? 
    kindly reply me as soon as possible


  • Garry Price
    Hi Nitesh,

    When will the shipping function be working?

  • Amazing Aquariums

    Any activity on the shipping function?

    Is this plug in developer still active? No reply since October 17, 2013, 12:40 on this issue.

    Please research or give any alternatives for adding shipping fees or costs.

    Is it possible yet to get a shipping calculator? with local pickup option.

  • raydean


    Just wondering if there has been a progress with the following features - bidders know shipping options

    1. 'shipping options for auction items. so bidders will know what shipping options are available and what costs are. shipping calculator. shipping cost added to payment . similar to ebay'

    2. Email is sent to user who has been outbid?


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