Sidebar Widget to show auctions




  • lon clark

    I would like to suggests a widget that includes. log in,add auctions, my auctions, my bids.similar to wordpress meta widget.

  • Nitesh Singh

    Hi Ion,

    Thanks for posting suggestions. I'll look into wordpress meta widget.

    Btw, Its really hard to showcase all user info such as "my auctions", "Add auction", my bids, & other stuff inside a single page.  Primarily front end is taken care by theme & we will be trying a plugin to do theme's job. Thus it'll definitely have issues with many custom theme.

    None the less, I'll try to see how I can showcase backward capability on front end.



  • Afrojuju

    Just started using your plugging and now going Pro just wandering if you could provide more custom payment options and other currencies especially in Africa like French Franc CFA, Niara and Rand if that's possible or and option to setup alternative payment methods.

  • Nitesh Singh

    Currently, I'm focusing on core auction features as future updates but I can try digging into some popular payment options. But anyways those options wont have country specific currencies.

  • evelyn wright

    Can I please get some help. I need a license key; I'm getting an error page. I'm getting frustrated and about to get a refund. This is taking way too long. 

  • Nitesh Singh


    This is now available in UAPro 4.0.0 version.



  • adrien


       Where can we get the Upated UAPro 4.0.0 Where is the link to download the update?


    Thank you,


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